#1 DJANGO REINHARDT – a personal collection from his work curated by us. In this series of posts we’d like to present to you the incredible artistic journey that’s Django’s career. Our first song is “Moi Aussi”.

Django Reinhardt and Victor Marceau – Moi Aussi, 1928, Paris

In 1928, it was still a privilege for musicians to make recordings. Django turned 18 that year. This was the year when Django, just months before his life-changing accident, participated in a recording of 15 songs – on banjo. He has been playing with different groups for 5-6 years by now, mainly in cabarets and restaurants in Paris. Slowly, he began to catch the attention of some of the city’s famous musicians.

The recording

Victor Marceau, the popular accordionist, invited him to play with his band. Clearly, he had no intention to be a mere accompanying musician so he entertained himself (and maybe the others too) with virtuoso arpeggios and all sorts of fillings, as we can hear it. The title of the song is ‘Moi Aussi”, the style is ‘musette’ which was particularly popular this time in Paris.