Solists of Django Feszt 2021 #1 – Ferenc Illés (Budapest Gipsy Swing)

Although manouche swing is result of real teamwork, being a genre based on improvisation and virtuosity, inevitably, its protagonists are the solists. Just think about Django and Grappelli.
In this series we’d like to introduce the solists of the festival, starting with a doyen of the Hungarian manouce circles, Budapest Gipsy Swing guitarist Ferenc Illés.
DF: What does jazz manouche teach you?
Ferenc Illés: Just things like any other music, in my opinion: patience, endurance and humility.
DF: To musicians just getting familiar with this music, what would you recommend?
Ferenc IllésListen to Django Reinhardt! If they’d like to get closer to this genre as guitarists I’d recommend to check out my site, where I present guitar lessons that I gathered throughout the many years I’ve been playing this music. This is in Hungarian though, but there are many-many sites online in different languages where they offer lessons.
DF: If you could play with someone, anyone, who would that be? What should we listen to by them?
Ferenc IllésIf I could have the chance, obviously, I would accompany Django Reinhardt on guitar and I would watch the master meanwhile. I’d suggest anyone to check out the song ‘I’ll see you in my dreams’ as played by Django since that’s a tune where you immediately catch the athmosphere of this genre. In case we are looking for a song that’s not swing then I’d say listen to Troublant Bolero.
DF: Thank you very much, see you soon!